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Sign and Graphic Imaging Dubai (SGI Dubai 2024)

SGI Dubai 2024 will be the 27th edition and it will be the largest in its history. But the major question on people’s minds is whether their businesses are future ready? How efficiently do we drive this wave of disruption, that’s the question we need to ask?

There are several reasons why this will be our largest edition. The show will have an amazing combination of verticals that has never been witnessed before. In today’s world of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the printing and signage industries have also adapted to this rapidly changing external environments. SGI Dubai show will showcase some of the best kept global innovations from the world of labelling, AI, digital display technologies, 3D printing and several other new generation verticals.

SGI has been guiding the industry for almost a quarter of a century and the interesting fact is that there are exhibitors who have been with us since inception and have benefitted immensely by just being present at the show.

Also, this year is extremely important for the exhibitors to capitalize on the potential of the multi-billion-dollar EXPO 2020 event, that will open doors to the world between 20th October 2021 and 10th April 2022. This event could present several opportunities for the participating exhibitors at SGI Dubai 2024 as our show falls during the same time period as the EXPO.

The show has served as a seamless eco-system of brands and ideas. SGI Dubai has seen participation from visionary leaders of both international and regional brands. The show will once again open doors to the world with great enthusiasm in 2021.

SGI Dubai 2024 would continue to cater to the needs of an ever-growing count of visitors and exhibitors to offer innovative solutions of digital, retail, textile, screen printing, fabrication and the LED industry among other promising sectors. The show provides a spectrum of opportunities for all the industry stakeholders including exhibitors and visitors who can connect with prospective architects, sign makers, print and production manufacturers, media agencies, real-estate developers, brand and image consultants from across the globe.

The show has the largest gathering of industry stakeholders from across the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. Held at the start of the year, the event is a perfect venue to kick-start the financial year in terms of meeting business objectives for the exhibitors and visitors.


To find out more about the show, how to exhibit or about travel and accommodation, please visit our website at or click here to download a brochure.


Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure (DEAL 2025)

DEAL 2025 is the biggest show for the entertainment, amusement and leisure industry in the Middle East and Africa region. At DEAL we make sure that the exhibitors and the stakeholders that we bring are leaders in their segments and are on a global scale.

Year after year, DEAL has been the platform of choice for all brands, big or small, to conduct business in the MENA region. For more than a quarter of a century, DEAL has been supporting the stakeholders to promote their interests and the industry at large. DEAL 2025 being the 31st edition of the show, promises to keep upholding its core values of catering the entertainment and amusement industry by widening its scope by introducing the latest technologies available from around the world.

The Middle East entertainment market has been reported to be the fastest growing in terms of spending and growth. By participating in DEAL 2025 you can make sure that you and your brand are visible in the market and hence a part of the growth story.

DEAL doesn't just cater to Dubai and the UAE, but its visitors come from all over the GCC, Africa, Indian sub-continent and Southern Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, CIS, UK and US. The show provides the best platform in case you are considering expanding or include these regions to your target market.

Visitors to the show include mid-to-high level management executives from organisations in the relevant industry. Utilise the event to make sure to educate the visitors about your top products, services and more importantly their applications to help them achieve their business goals. DEAL 2025 will be promoted heavily in the print media, electronic media and social media within the relevant regions to help spread out the word about the show, its exhibitors and their innovative products. International Expo Consult, the organisers of the show will ensure that the exhibitors will receive the maximum exposure possible when it comes to promoting the show.

The show in 2025 will be held again at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre.

Kindly log on to for further information.


SGI Dubai 2024

24, 25, 26 September 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

DEAL 2025

8, 9, 10 April 2025

Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

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